Experience _ Places

Experience _ Places

Curvature Games

from Hamburg

Curvature Games is a games studio from Hamburg that wants to expand the boundaries of virtual worlds. They have already solved one major problem: in their games, it is possible for the distance walked to appear much larger in virtual space than it actually is in reality. The expert here speaks of redirected walking.

Frozen Factory

Family-friendly virtual reality game
Frozen Factory by Curvature Games is a family-friendly game for two people in which a huge ice cream has to be produced together and for a limited time. To do this, you move around a large ice cream factory and have to operate various machines. The highlight: thanks to the “redirected walking” technique, a playing field of 3×5 metres is sufficient for both players.

Duration of the application: 15 minutes

Hot for ice cream? You can try it out at Spielforum, Bochumer Straße 89. Yummy!

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