Places _ VR Festival / Frank Vinken

Foto: Places _ VR Festival / Frank Vinken

AR art at Places _ VR Festival

On the occasion of the Places _ VR Festival 202 this year, the urbanana-Areal with five augmented reality artworks was created in the area around Bochumer Straße. The works of art take up already existing street art works, for example graffiti, murals or picture panels in the quarter and expand them in a spectacular way. Using a smartphone app, the real works can be brought to life virtually. Suddenly, artistic 3D animations, videos or pictures complement and superimpose reality.

Thanks to the support of urbanana/Tourismus NRW e.V., this project could be realized and thus bring together creative people and discoverers*. The result is a city tour that expands reality even under conditions of social distance. As technical partner the startup “Artivive” from Vienna was on board. The app of the company, which is the world leader in AR-Art, serves as the link between the analog and digital world. The selection of artists* was also international. With Jæn from France, Mayuko Kudo from Japan, the South African Tamlyn Young, the Ukrainian Maksim Finogeev and Joe Crystal from New York, USA, the creative animations from all over the world came to Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf.

This is how it works

The five augmented reality artworks were opened during the Places _ VR Festival and will continue to be marked as Art Walk. After the Places _ VR Festival, the artworks can still be experienced by the public.

To view the AR artwork you just have to download the app “Artivive” from the playstore or the appstore and scan the corresponding artwork with the app. After a short loading time the artwork comes to life.

Opening at the Places _ VR Festival

Jan-Paul Laarmann opened the urbanana-Areal on the festivals saturday. For Tourismus NRW e.V. he is the overall project manager of FLOW.NRW. and drives cultural and urban tourism projects forward. In the Places _ Studio he explains that especially the combination of foreign artists and local street art in times of travel bans and difficulties in working together across state borders makes the project an exciting exclamation mark.

The five creations of the artists are distributed throughout the Bochumer Strasse quarter – whether opposite the Justice Center, on Bochumer Strasse or Bergmannstrasse – you will find them everywhere. More information about the project, the artists and the locations of the artworks can be found on on the projects page.