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Since 2016, the Vroom.Ruhr has been at home on Bochumer Straße as a VR arcarde and is thus one of the pioneers in this sector in NRW. In 2020, Florian and Patrick Becker and the company moved a few houses further to expand. The range of products includes various games from Coop-Game and Shooter to racing games in Motionseat.

In the VRoom.Ruhr the wide world of VR games can be tested. No matter if horror simulation, an adventure with bow and arrow or racing simulation. Here you can immerse yourself in VR in a playful way.

Duration of the application: individual

Discover the world of VR games on the Bochumer Straße 110, VRoom.ruhr.

Late Night VR

On Friday evening the VRoom.Ruhr will turn the sports stall into our “Late Night VR” hall. Here gamers will get their money’s worth and can test the most popular VR games on Friday from 20:00 to 22:00.

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